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Complex Cases Clinic

The Sloane Court Clinic has psychiatrists and psychologists with experience and expertise in the assessment and treatment of individuals with psychiatric and psychological problems and who have harmed –or believe they are at risk of harming – others or themselves, or of committing criminal or antisocial acts, or who have been the victims of such behaviours.

Such problems may be beyond the scope or professional competency of general adult practitioners. The issues may require specialist assessment, legal knowledge, or treatment. 

Service Objective:

The clinic is able to assess and treat symptoms and behaviours that cause not only distress to the individual, but that are potentially distressing, harmful or threatening to others.

Types of problem managed: 

Self-harm | anger | jealousy (including morbid jealousy) | fixation | acting in response to psychotic symptoms | victims of different types of abuse | individuals involved with the criminal courts | certain personality disorders | emotional dysregulation | persistent mood disturbance | behaviour requiring risk assessment | psychosis requiring medication or CBT.

The Complex Cases Clinic services:

Psychiatric assessment and diagnosis | psychological assessment (personality, mood, anger, insight) | medication review and treatment | reports for court (civil, criminal, and family) | cognitive and neuropsychological assessment | assessment and formulation of problem behaviour and risk | psychological therapy (cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), person-centred, schema-focused, behavioural work, anger management, CBT for psychosis) | risk assessment (violence, fixation) | treatment and advice to other practitioners, to family members, to carers, and to organizations.


The Complex Cases Clinic is led by Dr Simon Wilson, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, in conjunction with Dr Patricia Carlin, Clinical Psychologist, and involves other members of the psychiatry and psychologist staff of The Sloane Court Clinic who have relevant skills.

Contact and Appointments:

Referrals may be made by general practitioners, consultant psychiatrists, and solicitors by letter, email or through the general Sloane Court Clinic phones numbers, requesting the “Complex Cases Clinic”. Clinic times and appointment availability are broadly the same as the General Clinic times. Patients are requested to seek referral through their GP, consultant, or solicitor.